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Leslie’s Sampler

Leslie's Sampler


The overriding themes of my sampler: chocolate and animals. How appropriate.
I must have had a thing for Sleeping Beauty. I do remember playing with the Sleeping Beauty colorforms, over and over at the Red House. The dog is Boucle, of course, and then there’s the lovely little Shetland pony. In the upper left is Barbie, and next to her could that be the Red House? The Little Red Hen and Little Black Sambo are represented, two very cherished stories, and more books in the lower right.

Mynoo knew me well. I still love animals, books, and chocolate.


Saint George and the Dragon Pillow

I believe this is of St. George and the dragon. At least that’s what Josh tells me. He’s writing about St. George and the dragon for a school project. This pillow is unstuffed at the moment. Did it used to be in the playroom with all the other orange things?

St. George and the Dragon

St. George and the Dragon

Below is a detail of the dragon, which is really beautiful:


Notice that this pillow is also on the cover of the magazine. But the image was flipped so it looks like it goes the other way.


The penguins

The penguins

There used to be a baby, too. You’ll see all three on Suze’s sampler.

Suze’s Sampler

sampler-suzeAs Suze remembers, this was the first grandchild sampler that Mynoo created.

She still has those satin penguins that Mynoo made. We’ll post photos of them soon.

St. Francis Crewel Kit

The first photo is Helen Marble’s original St. Francis design. The second photo is of the actual kit that was made from this design (photo courtesy of eBay). You’ll notice that the kit was made to be easier to crewel.

Original St. Francis Crewel Design

St. Francis Crewel Kit

St. Francis Crewel Kit

I believe this kit was popular with women who wanted to crewel something for their churches.

As I remember hearing, Pop convinced Mynoo to take a royalty as opposed to a lump sum payment for this kit. She was vehemently opposed, but bended under the pressure. When she got her first royalty check she thought it was for a small amount and that she was right all along. But actually, she missed some of the zero’s.  We need to get Pop to tell this story because he was there and would remember how much she earned.

Siamese Cat Pillow and Crewel Kit

This was a best-selling kit. It was sold under the Elsa Williams label. I think it was one of Elsa Williams best selling kits. Anyone who remembers more should add something in the comments. The first photo is of the original pillow (sorry for the moire effect of the photo):

Original Siamese Cat Pillow by Helen Marble

Below is a photo of a finished kit (courtesy of eBay):

Siamese Cat Crewel Kit

Siamese Cat Crewel Kit

Jon actually bought this kit on eBay!

The kit version doesn’t have the blue eyes of the original.

Horse Skirt

horse-skirt-frontMynoo was so proud to make me a skirt with my favorite animal. I was in the fourth grade. But kids at school were not kind. Unfortunately, there was no way I was wearing this to school…

horse-skirt-back… especially when THIS was on the back of it!

(But I did appreciate what she did and I saved it.)