St. Francis Crewel Kit

The first photo is Helen Marble’s original St. Francis design. The second photo is of the actual kit that was made from this design (photo courtesy of eBay). You’ll notice that the kit was made to be easier to crewel.

Original St. Francis Crewel Design

St. Francis Crewel Kit

St. Francis Crewel Kit

I believe this kit was popular with women who wanted to crewel something for their churches.

As I remember hearing, Pop convinced Mynoo to take a royalty as opposed to a lump sum payment for this kit. She was vehemently opposed, but bended under the pressure. When she got her first royalty check she thought it was for a small amount and that she was right all along. But actually, she missed some of the zero’s.  We need to get Pop to tell this story because he was there and would remember how much she earned.


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