Leslie’s Sampler

Leslie's Sampler


The overriding themes of my sampler: chocolate and animals. How appropriate.
I must have had a thing for Sleeping Beauty. I do remember playing with the Sleeping Beauty colorforms, over and over at the Red House. The dog is Boucle, of course, and then there’s the lovely little Shetland pony. In the upper left is Barbie, and next to her could that be the Red House? The Little Red Hen and Little Black Sambo are represented, two very cherished stories, and more books in the lower right.

Mynoo knew me well. I still love animals, books, and chocolate.


One response to “Leslie’s Sampler

  1. The mouse in the upper right corner is also from a story, although I do not remember much from it. Except that she hurt her tail in this fall while skating. I don’t think the house is necessarily supposed to be the red house. I have this vague memory of Mynoo thinking that that spot in the sampler needed something, and she drew the house with the curving smoke to balance the space.

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