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Candace’s Sampler

Candace's Sampler

Candace's Sampler


Leslie’s Sampler

Leslie's Sampler


The overriding themes of my sampler: chocolate and animals. How appropriate.
I must have had a thing for Sleeping Beauty. I do remember playing with the Sleeping Beauty colorforms, over and over at the Red House. The dog is Boucle, of course, and then there’s the lovely little Shetland pony. In the upper left is Barbie, and next to her could that be the Red House? The Little Red Hen and Little Black Sambo are represented, two very cherished stories, and more books in the lower right.

Mynoo knew me well. I still love animals, books, and chocolate.

Suze’s Sampler

sampler-suzeAs Suze remembers, this was the first grandchild sampler that Mynoo created.

She still has those satin penguins that Mynoo made. We’ll post photos of them soon.

Andrea’s Sampler

Andrea's Sampler

I must have been about five when Mynoo made my sampler.

I still remember some of the toys she put in it:  Mr. Ed puppet, Bugs Bunny that talked when you pulled a string, that soft duck with the hat. And, most of all, the Puss in Boots that she made. (I still have it somewhere.) I remember having Puss in Boots in my crib (I guess I was in a crib until I was pretty big!)

The pumpkin and mouse are from the book Mouskin’s Golden House. And the three little worms crawling through the “A” were from my imagination. I have no recollection of them, but I’m told I used to “hold” them.